Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Design in Nigeria

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Industrial Designs in Nigeria

1. What is an Industrial Design?

An Industrial Design refers to the two or three-dimensional features of a product, separate from its technical aspects. This can include the shape, configuration, patterns, or ornamentation applied to a product, essentially its visual appearance.

2. Why are Industrial Designs Important?

Industrial designs are crucial for businesses, especially in competitive markets. They can:

  • Enhance brand recognition and product differentiation.
  • Attract consumers through visual appeal.
  • Hold significant economic and reputational value.

3. How are Industrial Designs Protected in Nigeria?

The Patents and Designs Act of 1970 (Cap P2 LFN 2004) governs industrial design protection in Nigeria. Registration with the Trademarks, Patent and Design Registry offers legal protection against unauthorized use.

4. What can be registered as an Industrial Design?

Registrable designs include any combination of lines, colors, or three-dimensional shapes, intended for mass production and not solely for functionality. Excluded items are sculptures, printed materials, and purely functional features (better suited for patents).

5. What are the Requirements for Registration?

  • Novelty: The design must be new and not previously disclosed to the public.
  • Non-Contrary to Public Order or Morality: The design should not violate ethical or moral standards.

6. What is the Registration Process?

  • An application is filed with the Registrar, containing details about the design, applicant, and intended product use.
  • The Registrar examines the application for compliance and may request additional information.
  • Upon approval, the design is registered for five years, with the option for two renewal periods of five years each.

7. What are the Benefits of Registration?

Registration grants the owner exclusive rights to prevent others from:

  • Reproducing the design in a product.
  • Importing, selling, or utilizing the design for commercial purposes.

8. What Happens in Case of Infringement?

The registered owner can take legal action against unauthorized use of the design. The Federal High Court can grant remedies like injunctions and damages against the infringer.

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